Four-piece band playing pop, rock, funk, soul, reggae covers & originals.

Band Member Biographies
Musician Bio
Andy Andy is a self taught musician, vocalist, and composer playing keyboard and percussion. As an old hippie he prefers the melodic, drifty end of the repertoire, but is equally happy to rock given the right material! In previous bands he played at Glastonbury and Ronnie Scott's Club amongst many other venues, as well as touring in Europe and the US. He's at home in many musical genres and also composes music for brass band and orchestra (though not playing at the same time). Andy is thrilled to be part of The Merlins' campaign for world domination (starting in Nidderdale)
Mike Mike has played drums since the tender age of 13 after seeing Ian Paice on the Deep Purple In Rock tour. He started playing 3 piece rock and toured the North in a beat up old Transit Van peaking by playing support to the Jam in Huddersfield. After Med School he joined a 1980s synth band and got experience of recording and radio before moving into playing jazz. He was fortunate to be taught by a jazz legend which opened the door into a world of technique and discipline. More recently he has played regularly in a Gospel group and is delighted to be back in a proper band again.
JP After playing blues/rock lead guitar in Lancashire pubs and clubs in the 1970s, JP fell in love with the bass and laying down a solid groove for his bandmates. Largely self-taught, he took jazz/blues lessons & attends jazz workshops in Manchester. He is equally happy playing covers or creating basslines for original material. JP played & recorded jazz, blues & originals with his late friend John "Hutch" Hutchinson (ex David Bowie bands) for over fifteen years at e.g. York Punchbowl, Scarborough Spa Centre and Duncombe Park Farmyard Party. JP is excited to be playing the variety of styles required by the Merlins' diverse repertoire. Why JP? It's what his friends call him, plus there are two Johns in The Merlins.
John The other John is originally from Bronte country and is Yorkshire born and bred but got lost in the Midlands for 30+ years before returning to the home of his ancestors in Nidderdale. A largely self taught guitarist and singer, John cut his teeth in university band Big End and the Con Rods and has played in a number of bands since, covering a wide range of genres. More recently, he adds choir singing to his repertoire and has sung in St Marks Basilica in Venice, Birmingham's Symphony Hall and on stage at The Royal Albert Hall with Brian May (although Brian didn’t know he was there). John loves playing anything with a groove and is excited to be playing now with such a talented group of musicians.